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Frequent Services FAQ's

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We pride ourselves in providing helpful information to the LGBTQI community in Gambia, Africa & around the world.
We do so by providing written fresh & up-to-date news articles, online & printed magazine, bulletins, email alerts, etc>.
With support other LGTBQI groups campaigns by helping to circulate campaign plans, memos and rendezvous information.
We have a limited scope presently, especially in Gambia but we can help members access counselling support.
Yes, we do, so by publishing frequesnt self help and health help and awareness information which are beneficial to individuals, couples and groups.
Our capacity to offer legal help is restricted to Gambia but we can help to connect people overseas. Please be advised that, free services are hard to find.
We are open to working with politicians who are sympathetic to LGBTQI issues and affairs.
Free membership, legal battle support, case worker assistance, free references, community activities, meet ups, peer support, etc.
Yes, we are! LGBTQI is a community and a famiy. We thrive when we work to gether to effect changes.
Yes, we do! We share ideas, articles, newsreports, info on campaigns, political developments and other pertinent information exchanges that can be beneficial to our LGBTQ communnities.